Make It In Neon

The year is 1984, Woman's underwear is about to get a huge shake up, thanks to Deborah Marquit.

The trends of colors and designs set the seasons in the fashion industry. 1984 marked the start of a trend that would return throughout the decades. Neon had never graced the fabrics of undergarments until Deborah Marquit made the bold decision to design her first ever line of underwear in the equally bold colors that is neon.

Her invention of the Neon undergarments launched her brand and enabled her first sale into seventeen Bloomingdale's stores. This marked the start of the first neon trend, that would last right through until the late '90s.

As trends go, they can't last forever, but as with the seasons, they always return. Fast-foward to today, one of the hottest trends of the last decade has been neon, and it isn't slowing down.

Malebasics Neon Briefs

Neon has become a statement for men's underwear. Beyond the colors is the personality. Fearless, energetic, outgoing. You.

Make It In Neon



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