Trunks & Boxers. What's Best?

Back in 1925, Jacob Golomb, founder of the sporting brand Everlast, designed an elastic trunk to replace the leather belted trunk worn by boxers. By the 1930s, there was a particular men's bathing suit that was becoming all the rage. They were tight-fitting, with a short, squared-off leg line. The trunk bathing suit was extremely popular for both the young and old.

More than 60 years later the trunk style is still in full swing, presenting itself as modern, snug underwear as well as the classic swimwear. In modern film and cinema, this style of underwear will often be used to emphasis what era the film is set in.

During the 1990's it is commonly thought that designer John Varvatos came up with the concept of boxer briefs while working at Calvin Klein, but the design can be seen as early as the '80s, having been designed by Giorgio Armani. and worn in the 1980s film 'American Gigalo' by Richard Gere.

The boxer brief is a style of underwear that is form-fitting around the crouch and butt, similar to that of briefs, but also offers coverage down the leg that offers comfort for everyday movement. But the concept really shone during workouts at the gym, to help prevent that all too irritating chafing.

When it comes to knowing the difference, we can start with the most obvious. Boxer briefs have a leg length over 8 inches, where trunks often fall under 2 inches. They both offer a form-fitting design to hold your assets in place with modern designs taking it that step further with the added pouch, to hold your goods with no discomfort.

Deciding which to wear comes down to what works for you. Boxer briefs are handy when jogging or when doing a workout, but you might find them riding up your... leg if they are too loose. If you are prone to chafing, it may be worth that extra length.

If you are deciding purely for style, go with what you love!

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